Analyze your data with CellNet

Please follow the steps listed below to analyze your data with CellNet. You need to upload your raw expression data, upload a sample annotation table, and select several parameters. Typically, the longest part of the run is uploading the data. Once the raw data is uploaded, executing CellNet takes several minutes and you will be notified by email with instructions for downloading the analysis results. The results include normalized data, classification scores, GRN establishment scores, network influence scores, and corresponding figures.

This tutorial contains more detailed instructions on how to use the web app to run CellNet. (HTML, PDF).

Step 1. Upload your raw expression data

You may upload uncompressed raw expression files (e.g. .CEL files for Affymetrix data). However, to reduce the upload time, we suggest that you compress all of your data files using a compression utility. zip, gzip, or bzip compression formats are accepted. The maximum upload size of all files together is 128MB. If your dataset is larger, please download and run CellNet locally. At least 2 .CEL files are required.